by Vladislav Bulgakov, Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine


Translated by Lyubov Podlipskaya, New York, USA










June 28, 2002









We have already considered karmic reasons of aging and death of a personís organism.


We are going to add this topic with new details.


From the very moment of birth all world becomes his butcher and murderer: time, space, poisoned environment of the cities, wrong space energy design of the places of residence, way of life, nutrition and thinking and so on. Information of disintegration or destruction of substance is permanently transmitted to a man by this or that way.


To a moment of achieving of the golden age (33-35 years) a man simply does not assimilate this disintegrative information due to strong energy informational immunity. After this age his immune system becomes weaker and is not able any more to protect effectively his vital field from aggressive energy informational environment. That is the way of starting of the aging process on field level.

Certainly, a beginning of phase of an organismís aging is especially individual and may start either before indicated time or after, depending on his way of life and karmic program of incarnation.


Letís consider one of the examples of coming in a manís vital field disintegrative (destroying) information, catalyzing a process of aging. It is a way of nutrition. Reflect and think over: in its essence all food is a dead body food. And it is absolutely does not matter whether it is meat, vegetarian salad or bread. Donít cheat yourself! An animal was killed; vegetables and wheat were picked, i.e. taken their life that means the same Ė killed. After taking an objectís life emanation of ptomaine (disintegrative, destroying) information on the field level starts immediately. A person does not think about it and does not notice it until food products start to produce typical smell of rotting. He does not recognize that informational rotting starts immediately after taking an objectís life. He does not feel this informational smell. But in vain! If he saw what he eats he would have lost his appetite to the end of his life!


Moreover, homo sapience still has enough intellect to quarrel with the other people about the advantage of vegetarianism, not recognizing in arrogance of his ignorance that he and the other people eat dead bodies and kill themselves by it!


So, what to do to avoid it or, at least, to minimize coming into an organism information that kills him? One more time: we are killed not by meat that we eat (absence of blood due to thermal treatment neutralizes physical bearers of disintegration) but by the information of its disintegration and emotional state of an animal at the moment of murder; this information is not a part of physical world.


It is possible to advice people before murder of an animal or picking vegetable to say prayer and ask their pardon. World is based on voluntary victim of the ones for sake of the others. Flora and fauna are ready to give up themselves as a victim for a man, but only if he will appreciate it and treat it with wisdom and love!


Also, before eating it is necessary to say a prayer and ask forgiveness of animals and plants that you eat, and thank the God for His giving you this food. Doing this you neutralize or minimize disintegrative information containing in food and, as a consequence, extend your life!


Do not hold in your house old, finishing servicing things, rancid food; dirt and dust (dust and dirt accumulate and attract disintegrative space information), and also cut flowers. We got used to think that it is good to present beautiful cut flowers. Just tell, have it ever come to your mind to present to your lively person dead cat or dog? No?  But cut flowers and dead cat on informational level emanate that same disintegrative information! When a flower is cutting, it is deprived of its life. When you buy it, you buy a dead body! Flower and the deceased at the first time after death on the surface look absolutely normal (i.e. as being alive). But later they start to disintegrate and rot. Fading flower in your house is the deceased, dying life. Your Life!!!


Remember about it and present natural flowers!


Air in the cities is saturated with information of disintegration that, as much as they can, is absorbed by flowers and plants. If you wish to live long and not to be sick stay in nature, in the mountains and near water as often as you can and hold natural flowers in your house (especially in a bedroom)!











September 30, 2002



  1. New aspects of energy informational causes of an organismís aging.



A cell, especially, its DNA is simultaneously a generator and a source of emission of energy of different vibration range: from electro Ė magnetic to super extra high frequency torsion Ė neutrino complex. Neutrino (fire) vibrations are the frequency level of the Fire world (6-7 bodies); torsion Ė level of subtle substance complex (astral (3) and mental (4) bodies of a man). Ether body consists of energies of higher electro Ė magnetic range and lower torsion, being a body of meeting of the Third and the Fourth dimensions, physical world and Subtle World. A manís Physical (1) body functions on the middle electro Ė magnetic level of vibrations.


DNA radiates electro- magnetic waves that are necessary for normal vital functions and electro- magnetic supplying of a manís organism and his energy informational exchange with Space.


From time immemorial, this process proceeded in a man without any problems. Till the time a man-caused electro-magnetic radiation has appeared. A man-caused electro-magnetic field became, with its development (i.e. increasing of power and intensity), to block, distort and shield own electro-magnetic energy streams inside a manís organism. As a result, born natural energy equilibrium of all Divine system called Man was violated. In consequence of this energy stoppers and clots in energy cell membranes became to form, their elasticity and, consequently, carrying capacity became worse. A cell cannot any more provide adequate energy information traffic. Process of slagging of a cell started to progress parallel to scientific progress Ė pride of humanity; at least they consider it to be. As we have repeatedly noted, aging is a result of loss of a cell its ability adequately conduct energy and information. If it happened, processes of aging (cenilency) of an organism on cell Ė energy level starts. (Until cells are young, they can handle with man-caused radiations, but after the Golden age to do it becomes more and more difficult.)








Aging is a result of action of three main genes of mortal genes grouping. They are: gene of aging, gene of death and gene of life duration regulation. Before the Golden age (33-37 years) only gene of youth is active in an organism; and gene of aging is deactivated and is in latent state, patiently waiting for its hour. After passing of the golden age, gene of youth gradually weakens and deactivates. Cenilenciogene comes to take its place Ė gene of aging. For some time these two genes are in an organism simultaneously, fighting with each other. But a manís attempts to be victorious over cenilenciogene are so hopeless as an attempt of summer to be victorious over oncoming autumn.


As it has been already considered, informational Ė causal reason of aging and a manís death is the activity of mortal implant in his causal body. We remind that as a result of its activity the information of naturally fading cell distorts (damages) or quite erases from the cell logoistic matrix. In result of this new cell is born in genetically damaged view. This process goes exponentially.


Gene of youth, when active, permanently keeps vigilant watch over the process of cellular regeneration, not allow cellsí damaged copying. After its deactivation gene of aging turns in that to within vice versa keeps vigilant watch that a part of cellular information is destroyed and a cell regenerates in damaged format. In the middle period of a manís life, when gene of youth and gene of aging are and fight together, it occurs permanent influence on life duration gene. At this time this gene is permanently changing (equally as coded information in it about a manís life duration), reflecting real dynamics of the fight of genes of life and death.


The stronger and more vital is gene of youth (gene of life) the later a manís aging will start and longer will be his life. Also, a man can weaken cenilenciogene and strengthen gene of life artificially (i.e. mental Ė will sends), this process will prolong his healthy life. Techniques of celestial rejuvenation of an organism we will give in developed by us spiritual Ė energy practice of celestology, the first part of which is accessible by now.


In prospect, a man will get access not only to full neutralization of gene of aging and death (cenilenciogene and mortal gene), but to destroying, erasing from virtual memory of causal logoistic matrix all mortal complex. It will mean that a man find once lost immortality of physical body.


We found the methods of strengthening of gene of youth (for young people) and weakening of cenilenciogene (for elderly people). Result of using of these methods will become a partial revitalization (rejuvenation and recovery) of an organism in any age. We have already tested these methods and made sure in its effectiveness. They are based on usage of lively essential for a man space celestial energies, which now he does not get in necessary quantity. Now the last actions of perfection take place; after that we will publish them in the frames of Esoteric Celestology Ė 2.


Methods of celestial revitalization are accessible absolutely for every person, irrespective of age, sex, education, nationality, level of intelligence, spirituality and material welfare. They will be distributed absolutely free. Only one clause of their successful action will be obligation to use gifted by the God health and years of life in the name of good. Otherwise effect may be really opposite, and a person may grow old and pass away during counting months or even weeks.










September 30, 2002




ďWe are always killed by what we do not even supposeĒ





We continue to develop and extend the topic of esoteric gerontology Ė clauses of aging of a manís organism and its death, and also the methods of natural revitalization (rejuvenation) of a manís organism. We recommend you to learn all materials, a continuation of which is given material: Immortality is achievable! Return to immortality.


Letís consider two new aspects of the given topic.


  1. ďAging as a result of density increasing and intensity of energy informational environmentĒ.


Every person wears clothes. Periodically it becomes dirty and it is washed, neutralizing physical and energy informational dirt. In a definite period of time clothes, finally, wears out and becomes useless for use. Wear out (aging) of clothes is, therefore, a result of its interaction with environment. It is obvious that wear out of clothes depends upon intensity of its contact with environment, upon environment (dirty or dry weather) and peculiarities of a person who wears it (one person treat his clothes with care, the other one Ė does not).


The same is with a manís organism. Physical body in our case. Who watches over himself and leads a regular (physical and spiritual) life Ė he lives long and is not sick. (Although, certainly, there are the exceptions). Who does not watch Ė he is often sick (washes clothes), his organism quickly grows decrepit and ages (clothes wears out). 


Before, when, according to the Bible, a man lived 1000 years, environment was passive and loyal in regard to him. But just technological progress step-by-step led humanity to increasing of density of man-caused information in energy informational field of the Earth. This made environment active and resistant to a man. Energy informational field, as it is known, is an integral part of continually and invisibly reacting environment with a man. Just man-caused power and information are factors that destruct and destroy a manís organism. Weight of man-caused energy and information on modern society grows with brutal rate and is a real danger for humanity. ďWe are always killed by what we do not even supposeĒ. This energy informational (man-caused) factor is one of the reasons of accelerated aging of an organism.


Density of killing person man-caused information is the highest possible in the big cities and mega polices, and, in global sense, in industrially developed countries. It is, vise versa, minimal in nature, especially in the mountains and forests. Frequently, in such places it practically equals to zero.


The other factor of accelerated aging is increasing of density and intensity of electro Ė magnetic field (radiation) of the Earth. Development of telecommunications (especially cellular connection and the Internet) led to threaten increasing of density and intensity of electro Ė magnetic field of the planet. Just domestic electro Ė magnetic radiation and its response with a manís organism is one of the main factors of aging and wearing out of the last. Add to this harmful habits, constant stresses, TV with its stupid Ė zombie advertising, non spirituality, non watching over oneself and you will get average statistic earth resident or more dead than alive corpse who every day kills himself.


If before a man passed away due to unfavorable conditions of environment (primitive society), later from sicknesses and epidemics (i.e. he did not kill him by himself), now the main cause in global scope is a manís suicide. We bear in mind peopleís way of life and thinking which other than suicide is impossible to name!


A man vitally needs to be in nature more often (where density and intensity of electro Ė magnetic field is minimal), to take the air. Moreover, even simple taking the air (prana therapy) assists in rise of an organismís immunity to harmful Ė fatal impact of electro Ė magnetic radiation and man-caused information due to action of negative ions. It is also useful to have frequent contact with water in any form.







October 1, 2002



Take a good look at the Nature: you do not find practically one natural right or acute angle in it! The exceptions are Pyramids; but for this there is a reason, moreover Pyramids are artificial structures.

 In the process of millennial involution a man succeeded in going away from Nature and the God; and this is one from his main problems. He stopped to communicate with it, understand it and get its advices and help.


Ancient Chinese system of Feng-Shuy uses very wisely natural forms, particularly for a designing of human dwelling.


From the earliest time it was known and later successfully forgotten one simple truth: any angle distorts a stream of space energy. When a person is in his modern apartment, in captivity of acute angles and domestic electronics, he constantly is in distorted space energy field. His own energy is transmitted to Space in distorted form either.


Contribution of acute angles is especially great in picking up and accumulation of negative energy of space or their own imperilic energy (waste products) of a manís mentality. Astro Ė dirt is accumulated and absorbed in wallpapers and especially in carpets, it has also a property to gather in the corners of the rooms. It is interesting, what a crazy mind thought out to put small children in a corner as pedagogic punishment!? This is the same as to put a child in a garbage can! 


Residence and permanent contact with acute-angled objects distorts normal energy exchange between a human being and Space and is, therefore, one more factor of a manís aging and death.


It is up to you to make conclusions.







  Vladislav Bulgakov,

Crimea,  Ukraine





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